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Apple Computer, Bhakundebesi, is the only Internet Service Provider in the Bhakundebesi area. It also provides internet access to the locals without computers via four computers in the premises.

Rajaram, the owner, has four computers to teach Windows to students. He also has a VoIP phone and he is the only user of Internet in the village. He would benefit from an inexpensive access to the CeC so that he can provide ISP and consulting services to local users.


Bhakundebesi Guesthouse has been servicing guests for more than a decade.

Wonderful rooms with private bath and hot water.

8 double rooms: NRs 1200/day/room

4 single rooms: NRs 700/day/romm

Tel: +977-13-555-5666

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Janak School, Bhakundebesi, is the only secondary school in the area, providing education for the village children up to grade 10. There are other schools in the surrounding area that hold primary grade classes, but Janak school is the only one in a 10 km radius that holds classes for grades 6-10.