National Center for Educational Development

Teacher Training Programme:

Since its inception, NCED is running different kinds of Teacher Training programmes to school teachers. Currently, NCED is running the following types of Teacher Training Programmes.

Primary Teacher Training (10 months) Programme
Under Primary Teacher Training, there are two types of programmes:

  1. Pre-Service Primary Teacher Training Programme:

    This training programme is for those, who are not directly involved in teaching, but aspire to be a teacher in near future. This training is conducted by Private Primary Teacher Training Centres (PPTTCs), affiliated to NCED. There are around 146 such centres at present. This training programme is divided into two semesters

    First semester (5 months)
    Second Semester (5 months)

  2. In-Service Primary Teacher Training Programme:
    This programme is for those teachers, who are involved in teaching, especially in the public schools. It is divided in to three packages:
    • Basic Teacher Training Programme - First Phase (330 Hours)
    • Primary Teacher Training - Second Phase (660 Hours)
    • Primary Teacher Training -Third Phase (330 Hours)
      This package is delivered through distance mode by Distance Education/Open Learning Division)