Online Training and Distance learning

Distance education has become increasingly popular with educational institutions as a means to provide access to different educational programs for a wider mass and among students to learn and acquire educational qualifications which they might not otherwise have been able to pursue. Instructors from grade school to college are using this potential of distance learning to teach students from all around the globe thus allowing them to work collaboratively on projects, degrees-focused content and educational enrichment.

  • Open learning means that learner will be learning in their own time by going through study material, working on activities, writing assignments.
  • Supported means support from a tutor and from other Open University staff based at national or regional centers


To provide quality higher education
To improve the quality of conventional education through different kinds of support program and materials using Information communication Technology (ICT)
To provide learning opportunities for students who are deprived of higher education under the regular programs.
To serve the mass through the distance mode.
To utilize modern technology in education.
To provide education to women who cannot leave home for further education.
To provide education to people wishing for lifelong education
To provide the foundation for establishing the Open University in Nepal.


Distance Learning in Nepal
Distance Learning in Nepal can be broadly categorized as follows: