Aakar Post
It is Nepali blog basically focused on social media and technology. It was started in 2007 by Anil P. Ghimire (Aakar). The blog site contains different article tagging under Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Photo, Video and story. Recordings of literary radio programs are one of the most popular postings in the blog.


  Ashesh’s Blog
The blog is run by web developer Ashesh Shrestha. The blog is very popular Nepalese for its utilities like Nepali Calendar, Nepali Unicode and date converter. Blogposts are mainly related to information technology and social media.


  Lex Limbu’s Blog
It is a personal blog of Lex Limbu, a non-resident Nepali student blogger based in the United Kingdom. Blog posts are mainly about entertainment industry of Nepal, i.e. movies, music, and fashion.


  Mysansar (Mero Sansar)
It is the most popular Nepali blog site. It was founded in 2005 by Umesh Shrestha known as Salokya. It provides of different forms - text, photos and videos. Users can comment on each article.