Association of International NGOs (AIN)
The Association of International NGOs (AIN), formed by INGOs working in Nepal in September 1996,which has already more than 50 INGOs. It is an important network in the development sector of Nepal as members have been implementing various people-centered development programmes throughout the hills, mountains and Terai areas.


  Academy for Educational Development (AED)
It was founded in 1961 by Alvin C. Eurich and Sidney Tickton. Originally it focused on providing technical assistance related to higher education management in the United States. It also focused on promoting health in developing countries through environmental communication, social marketing and other disciplines. Later all AED programs were transferred to FHI 360. The AED programs combined with FHI to create a new entity, FHI 360. With that, AED effectively ceased to exist.


  Action Aid Nepal
It focuses on people who face discrimination and the people whose voices are ignored. In Nepal, its works lie in the field of Education, Women’s Rights, Right to food, Right to health, Just and Democratic Governance, and Human Security. It has established Central Resource Center, Eastern Resource Center and Western Resource Center.


  Action Contre La Faim
It was founded in 1979 by a group of French intellectuals in response to the emergency in Afghanistan. The organization was exclusively dedicated to ending hunger. ACF’s mission consists of saving lives via the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition, in particular during and following disasters and conflicts. In Nepal, Action against Hunger reopened its mission in August 2011 which had been closed in 2009. In collaboration with the Nepalese Health and Population Minister, ACF has developed nutrition and health programs to address acute under-nutrition issue in some regions of the country.


  Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)-Nepal
Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) was established in 1984 for the specific purpose of providing individual and community development and disaster relief. In Nepal it was established in 1987. ADRA serves people without regard to their ethnic, political or religious association. It simply helps people in need, especially those most vulnerable such as women, children, and the elderly. Community is the theme of ADRA's work in Nepal and projects are running in 18 districts around the country.


  Aide et Action International Nepal
It was registered in 2009 which runs Quality education programme for primary school children in Saptari and Baglung districts of Nepal. It has also initiated the livelihood education programme known as iLEAD in 2010. Through iLEAD, it aims to impart vocational skills and livelihood education to young girls and boys, who are in a vulnerable situation due to social conflict in the region. The major objectives of the project are:
  • Provide a four- month skill based vocational training to youth who are in a vulnerable situation due to lack of higher education. The programme also focuses on the slum area in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.
  • Ensuring gainful employment for at least 75% of the youths graduates in the programme.
The quality education programme, Back to Basics (B2B), reaches out to 14, 292 children in Nepal.


  Aids Info Docu Switzerland
It was founded in 1997. The objectives:
  • To prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and promote healthy behavior of CSWs and people living with HIV/AIDS by offering medical services.
  • To support and prevent children and orphans of women from disadvantaged group including CSWs & WLHA from child prostitution, child trafficking and child theft for organ sell by providing safe secure and guided environment.


  Ama Foundation
This organization provides loving home, education to the most underprivileged children of Nepal and to live healthy and secure lives within their community.