Most of the remit company work in similar manner, some of the remit and their working procedure are discussed here.
  • CG | Finco
  • Himal Remit
  • IME Nepal
  • MoneyGram Nepal
  • Muncha Money Transfer
  • Prabhu Money Transfer
  • Xpress Money
  CG Finco

Chaudhary group also provides the financial services through CG Finco. CG Finco Pvt. Ltd. is a principal agent of Western Union Financial Service Inc. (USA). It has been providing efficient money transfer service in every nook and corner of the country. It offers reliable, efficient and prompt money transfer services through more than 785 sub-agents. It offers 365 days services. It also has subagents on the world's highest location, i.e. Namche Global Network and Rastriya Banijya Bank in Namche Bazzar.

  Himal Remit

This remittance service is provided by the Himalayan Bank. It has wider range of coverage in all cities, town and villages of Nepal. It is the web-based online money transfer system, highly secured through only authorized and registered PCs. Like other remittance companies it also provides online tools. Going through the "Locate Global Service Partner" we can find the money transferring agents from outside Nepal. "Find Paying Agent in Nepal" helps to find the agent district wise. And the status of the transaction can be tracked using "Track Status of Himal Remit Transaction" tool.

  International Money Express (IME)

IME is one of the fastest, the most secure and the safest remittance solutions for you and your family across the globe. It efficiently facilitates sending as well as receiving money worldwide.

International Money Express Pvt. Ltd. is registered under Nepal Rastra Bank in Nepal. Any person can use this who wants to make a payment or transfer money to an individual in pay-out country. The beneficiary can receive money in their own currency. IME provides money sending facilities like "Sending hard cash money", "Online Money Transfer" and "Door to Door transfer".

  MoneyGram Nepal

MoneyGram is also one of the best ways to transfer money from other countries to Nepal. The benefit of using moneygram is that it has 300,000 agents in 197 countries. It provides secure ways of money transfer. You can use MoneyGram to receive money at branches of Nepal Bangladesh Bank, United Remit, International Money Express, Easy link Pvt. Ltd., Himalayan Bank, Prabhu Money Transfer, Bank of Kathmandu, Samsara Money Transfer, and many other locations, where you see the MoneyGram sign.


  Muncha Money Transfer

Muncha Money Transfer is the authorized money transfer agency registered under Nepal Rastra bank. is providing money transfer to Nepal from different countries. The Muncha has multiple cash delivery options like receive through pickup, Home Delivery and Account credit. The service provider has also committed for the successful transaction within 2(two) business days, if transactions are initiated before 4:00 PM EST.

  Prabhu Money Transfer

This is a remittance company registered in Nepal. It has many international and national branch and agencies. Prabhu money transfer is offering a transfer money from different country (Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, USA ) to Nepal. It provides the services like Instant Cash Transfer and Account Deposit to any Bank/Finance.

Agent of Prabhu Money Transfer
You can find the agents for Nepal for sending and receiving money from/to Nepal by using the Locate Agents tool available in website of the Prabhu money transfer.

  Xpress Money

Xpress Money is the global money transfer by Xpress Money Services Ltd. It offers the transfer of money over a 150 countries through around 170000 agent locations. IT provides "Cash to Cash" , "Cash to Account" service to Nepal. Other services are not available for Nepal. While transferring money by this service Xpress Money provides Transaction tracker which is 16-digit X-PIN Number. This number is very important number needed while withdrawing money. And also use to track the transaction.

Sending and receiving is very easy with Xpress Money. For the pictorial view of sending and receiving money to/from Xpress - Click Here
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