Mobile Banking (m-Banking)

Mobile banking is the form of advanced banking facilities given to the customers of financial institution to conduct a number of financial transactions like bill payment, money transfer, account enquiry etc.
m-Banking is the new term for Nepali market and growing day by day. Some Nepali banks are using these services (Kumari Bank, Kist Bank, Global IME Bank, Bank Of Asia, Nabil Bank, Siddhartha Bank, NCC Bank etc.). Most of the banks are using services being provided Focus 1 International.

Mobile banking for the fund transfer can be achieved through following ways

  1. Mobile Banking works through a set of text messages:
    • All one needs to do is to type in the specified code for the required transaction as a text message and send it to a pre- designated number.
    • The requester will receive the response in the form of a text message on his/her mobile phone screen within a few seconds
  2. Mobile Banking with WAP:
    If GPRS-WAP connectivity is available to a customer, rich interactive Transactions with enhanced Facilities may be provided:
    • The Customer will log in to the Bank WAP site and all he/ she needs to do is enter their respective Customer ID and PIN Number/ Password.
    • Go to the Transactions Menu after selecting your account.
    • Select any one of the Displayed Transactions.
List of banks who provided mobile banking in Nepal
1) Nabil Bank Ltd. 17) Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.
2) Nepal Investment Bank Ltd 18) NMB Bank
3) Siddhartha Bank Ltd 19) Himalayan Bank Ltd
4) Kumari Bank Ltd 20) NIC Asia Nepal Ltd
5) Everest Bank Ltd 21) KIST Bank Ltd
6) Sunrise Bank Ltd 22) Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Limited
7) Laxmi Bank Ltd 23) Citizens Bank International Limited
8) Civil Bank Ltd 24) Grand Bank Nepal Limited
9) Machhapuchre Bank Ltd 25) Commerz & Trust Bank Nepal Limited
10) Bank of Kathmandu 26) Century Commercial Bank Limited
11) Prime Commercial Bank Nepal Ltd    
12) Sanima Bank Ltd    
13) Nepal Bank Ltd    
14) Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd    
15) Lumbini Bank Ltd    
16) Global IME Bank Ltd    
List of agencies who provided mobile banking services in Nepal
1) eSewa
2) Hello Paisa