Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry/Agro Enterprise Center (AFC)

The mission of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry/Agro Enterprise Center (AEC) is to expand and strengthen market-oriented private sector driven agro-enterprises in order to increase value and volume of high-value products to trade domestically and internationally for broader economic growth of Nepal as well as emphasize on the wider rural urban linkage for economic prosperity and realization of entrepreneurship. They are working on some very innovative projects like MIS Training (E-Agriculture Tele Center) on 2-4 Aug, 2013- Pokhara.



  Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board, Kathmandu

It is a wholesale market set up by the Department of Food & Agriculture Marketing Services under the Ministry of Agriculture in 1986. It is an organized terminal where retailers, institutional consumers and other bulk consumers get their supplies of commodities. The registered traders, price list of commodities, and other reports can be obtained from the site.



  Market Information Service (MIS), Nepal

Market Information Service (MIS) is established by the joint efforts of Agro Enterprise Center/Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (AEC/FNCCI) and Rural-Urban Partnership Programme/UNDP (RUPP) in coordination with Government of Nepal, Market Development Division (MDD). Agripricenepal.com is web site developed by MIS for the outgrowth of market information service of AEC/FNCCI which was started on 1998 for the welfare of producers, consumers and traders. This site contains the detailed information on:

  • Price list
  • Market
  • Commodity
  • Traders information


  Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD)

This organization’s objective is to develop policies and execute implementation programs regarding the agricultural development in Nepal.The website contains links for downloading various documents, discussion board for interaction, notice board for various news and information about agriculture..

Journals published by MoAD from 2007-2013
Rainfall and Water Requirement of Rice during Growing Period
Marketing Margin Assesment of Off-season Vegetables Value Chain in Surkhet-Dailekh Road Corridor
Area and Diversity of a Crop Reflects the Diversity of Others
Participation of Women in Marketing: Economic Empowerment of Farm Women

Use of Pesticides in Nepal and Impacts on Human Health and Environment

Agricultural Development Strategy (ADS)



  National Agricultural Research Council (NARC)

NARC is the government body responsible for agricultural research in the country with the ultimate goal of poverty alleviation together with sustainable growth of agriculture production by developing appropriate technologies.