Agribusiness Promotion and Marketing Development Directorate (ABPMDD)

Agribusiness Promotion and Marketing Development Directorate (ABPMDD) is the major government institution entrusted for carrying out various activities relating to agribusiness promotion and marketing of agricultural products. Some specific objectives of ABPMDD are:

  • Develop assured markets and marketing services for agricultural products.
  • Develop efficient marketing systems of agricultural commodities.
  • Provide fair price for farm products.
  • Promote agricultural business and trade.


  Agriculture Information and Communication Centre

The database of various information and reports are provided here and can be downloaded as per the requirement of the information. The various reports included are:-

  • Price of Agricultural Commodities
  • Executive-summary of agriculture statistics
  • Annual sales of chemical fertilizers and improved seeds
  • Area and production of spices
  • Area, production and maize yield using improved and local seeds
  • Area, production and yield of cash crops


  Agriculture Inputs Company Ltd.(AICL)
It is the sole agency to import fertilizers under  subsidized scheme:
  • Produce, procure and import different types of mineral fertilizers and distribute it across the country on the basis of local demand.
  • Import raw materials for the production of different product mix of fertilizers and distribute and export as well.
  • Maintain buffer stock of fertilizers received under grant/aid from the government, donor countries and organizations to control supply interruption.
  • Procure and distribute the subsidized fertilizer across the country.
  • Conduct other business and service oriented activities to ensure reasonable profit.


  Central Bureau of Statistics

This is a governmental agency for the collection, consolidation, processing, analysis, publication, and dissemination of statistics. It generates statistics through the operation of censuses and surveys.



  Cow Farm Nepal

This blog is maintained by cow farm Nepal and updates on the information about their activities. The Kalinchowk Cow Farm (P) Limited is in the process of developing an integrated organic cow farm in Bonch Village Development Committee (VDC) of the Dolakha district. The farm is one of the largest cattle farms in Asia. The farm is under construction. This farm will be a landmark project in the history of Nepal's agriculture development. The company has the main objective of producing at least 150,000 litres of milk daily by farming 10,000 hybrid cows. It aims to plant fodders and develop a pasture in an area of 2,000 hectares.