Information on e-health and Telemedicine

Health is always the first concern of the humans. Due to the technical advancement on electronics, the means of getting health related services are getting wider. So electronic health "eHealth" is a relatively recent term for the healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communications. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), E-health is the transfer of health resources and health care via electronic means. It encompasses three main areas:

The delivery of health information to health professionals and health consumers through the Internet and telecommunications.
Using the power of IT and e-commerce to improve public health services, e.g. by educating and training health worker
The use of e-commerce and e-business practices in health systems management.

E-Health provides new methods for using health resources like information about disease, medicine etc.
The basic forms of the eHealth are

Electronic Health records
Consumer health informatics
Health Knowledge management
Mobile Health (mHealth)
Healthcare information System

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