According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (2009-10) & Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MoAC), vegetable crops are cultivated in only 7.3 percent of the total cultivable land in Nepal. Total worth of vegetables (excluding potatoes) produced during 2009/10 was around Rs 105 billion, which is 8.8 percent of the country’s GDP. Per capita vegetable consumption has increased to 105 kg from 60 kg over last two decades due to massive rise in agriculture and production area. There are 3,243,521 vegetable holdings reported in Nepal. Vegetables crops are cultivated in 232,295 hectares of cultivable land. The total production of the vegetables was 2,820,527 metric tons. Among the total production, household consumption contributed 1,100,710 metric tons (39 percent) and total sale contributed 1,719,818 metric tons (61 percent). Vegetable productions in the terai, mid-hill and high hills were recorded as being 55 percent, 40 percent and 5 percent respectively.
According to the vegetable crops survey 2009-10, there are a total of 55 vegetable crops being cultivated in Nepal.