Cash crop is generally cultivated to sell for generating profit. It may be the excess of what a farmer produces and does not need to keep for subsistence. Cash crops are raw materials for the industrial use. For the high yield of cash crops, farmers should carefully plan and skillfully manage the crop production.


Provides employment to the locals and non-locals.
Export of cash crops brings in the foreign currencies to the nation thereby strengthening the economy of the country.
Alleviates poverty.


The production of cash crop initially needs money to invest in seeds, fertilizers, land leases, tractors and other heavy equipment, shipping, storage and labor.
Cash crop results in monocropping, which means the land is limited to production of single crop.
Continuous monocropping degrades the soil fertility and proliferation of insects.
Increases disease pathogens.

List of cash crops:

1. Coffee
2. Cotton
3. Ginger
4. Herbs
5. Jute
6. Large Cardamon
7. Peanut
8. Soybean
9. Sugarcane
10. Tea
11. Tobacco