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The Government of Nepal has given the permission to Nepalese to work in certain foreign countries.



  Foreign Employment Policy 2068 (Ministry of Labour and Employment)

This document contains the policy of the government that is released by the Ministry of Labor and Employment in the year 2068.This document consists of the present status of the foreign employment for Nepalese.



  Half of Nepali households have member working abroad: Survey
ekantipur article dated 2011-06-29

The article states that almost half of the nepali households have at least one member working abroad or have a returnee. The data is taken from the Nepal Migration survey carried out by world bank in 2009. In the same article it is stated that a total of 2.1 million people are working abroad including India. The survey says that out of 2.1 million people working abroad 41 percent workers are in india, 38 percent are in gulf countries, 12 percent of them are in Malaysia and 8.7 percent are in developed countries.
The scenario of remittance that is coming to Nepal is Gulf countries- 48.9 percent, India- 19 percent, Malaysia - 10 %, other developed countries- 21 %.
The article also gives information that the total of Rs 206 billion was received in the first 10 months of the fiscal year 2010-11 according to Nepal Rashtra Bank.



  Worker Migration touches half-million mark
Himalayan Times article dated 2013-06-23

On the 11th month i.e., jestha of the 2069/70 fiscal year, the number of Nepalis entering foreign job market reached 556,790. According to Department of Foreign Employment, 403,090 new foreign job aspirants left for foreign countries for jobs while about 153,700 reentered foreign job markets. The highest number of job aspirants were found on the same month with the figure of 58,937 among which 45,383 were new job seekers and 13,554 were reentrants.
The lowest number of worker migration was reported in bhadra till kartik may be because of the festive season of dashain and tihar with figure of 38,297, 47,067 respectively.
Malaysia being a top destination of worker hiring hired very few numbers of women with the total of 6,540 while qatar, saudi arabia and UAE hired 842, 273 and 7,371 Nepali womens.



  Helping workers abroad
Article on Nepali times, dated (17 Dec 2010- 23 Dec 2010)

In 2010, the formal remittance from the 3 million Nepali migrant workers across the globe reaching Rs 262 billion, it can be said that the foreign employment is the backbone of Nepali economy.
Purna Chandra Bhattarai, Joint secretary, Ministry of Labour says that only 2 percent of workers those who go abroad are skilled manpower, 23 percent are semi skilled and 75 percent are unskilled. 95 percent of the workers go to gulf countries and Malaysia and 90 percent of those going are through unauthorised channel.
Shengjie Li, Director, ILO Nepal, Second National Labour Force Survey 2008 indicates about 21.1 percent of households have at least 1 member living and working abroad. From 1993 to 2007, the volume of remittance increased by 30-fold.
Som Luitel, Acting Chairperson, Safe Migration Network says that there are 700 cases of fraud filed at the foreign employment department. Still there lacks the national policy to address this issue.
Shaktida Singh, Program Officer, UNIFEM says that there are 200,000 women migrant workers, but there is no specific policy for them. They are at high risks, and women contribute up to 15 percent of the total remittances.



  Ministry of labor and transport management website reports

In this website, miscellaneous information is provided with the involvement of the Ministry of Labor and Transportation together with the Foreign Employment Department.