Acquiring passport
In this site, the process of acquiring passport is given in detail ranging from downloading form, instruction to fill-up and other information.

  1. Download Passport Form
  2. Instruction to download Form
  3. Instructions to fill up form
  4. Submit the application form to the District Administration Office. There are a list of documents that are to be submitted along with the application form. Click hereto get the list of documents that is needed to be attached with the application form.
    1. Photograph Instruction
    2. Payment Voucher
    3. Filled application form is to be submitted in District Administration Office/ Regional Administration Office. Mentioned in the "Rahadani Nirdeshika, 2067"


Detail rules for getting a passport can be viewed in detail in the document published by department of passport which contains the rules for passport Click Here for document.

Contact details of Department of Passport
Department of Passport,
Exchange: 4416011, 4416012, 4416013, 4416014, 4416015
Fax: 4411028, 4424366
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Obtaining a work visa
Nepal government Act for sending workers abroad, Act made by Law commision, The Government of Nepal will look into the treaty made between Nepal and the hiring country.
Then migrating worker must be able to do following things.

  1. Being able to read and write plainly,
  2. Having general information about the law, language, culture of and lifestyle in the country to go for work,
  3. Having general information about occupational safety and health,
  4. Having obtained the certificate of orientation training
  5. Having obtained the fitness certificate from a recognized health institution
  6. Having fulfilled such other procedures and criteria as may be prescribed by the Steering Committee referred to in subsection (2) of Section 6 of the Act.

The same act also says that the worker going abroad for work must have orientation training taken which must include the following matters:

  1. Foreign employment law of Nepal,
  2. Geographical situation, culture, lifestyle, economic, social and political situation of the country where the worker goes for foreign employment,
  3. Language of the country where the worker goes for foreign employment,
  4. Labor, immigration laws and traffic rules of the country where the worker goes for foreign employment,
  5. H.I.V/AIDS, communicable diseases, sexual and reproductive health,
  6. Occupational safety and health,
  7. Easy and safe travel,
  8. Conduct, treatment and security of workers,
  9. Repatriation of earning made abroad to Nepal in a simple, easy and safe manner gives information about finding a job in another country. It writes that the job is quite challenging, since work permits are difficult to obtain. It writes that the first step to obtain a work permit is to contact the consulate or embassy of the country you wish to work in.


Finding overseas job
There are few possible ways of finding overseas job, which includes the following:

  1. Transfer from the present working company to overseas company. If the present working company has branches in other countries or if they have competitors, then work visa can be applied.
  2. Searching job online and contacting the company directly via emails and other telecommunication media can be an option.
  3. Seeking a professional Employment service: Apply through consultants that are working as an agent for the overseas companies. Information can be gathered from those companies. But when you go for these consultants, make sure they are registered under the government.

There are various rules for applying to the overseas country under work visa. The following websites give the information about obtaining a work permit in various countries. is an UK based website which gives information on working overseas in countries like UK, USA, Australia and Canada

Obtaining work permit for UAE gives the steps to obtain a work permit in UAE