International Child Resource Institute (ICRI)
ICRI works to improve the lives of children and families around the world. It focuses on early childhood care and education, children's rights, empowerment of women and girls, maternal/child health, and grassroots community development. It has been working in Nepal since 2001 for the development of a coordinated plan for housing and care of children with incarcerated parents. The local site is


  International Development Enterprise (IDE)
iDE, formerly International Development Enterprises, is an international nonprofit organization which creates income and livelihood opportunities for poor rural households. It was founded in 1982. The internationational link is


  International Rescue Committee (IRC)
It was founded in 1993 which responds to the world's worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Since 2005, IRC has been responding in Nepal focuses on three main areas - child and youth protection and development, protection and governance and health. The IRC’s long-term goal is to strengthen the ability of Nepali institutions to promote social cohesion, development and meet basic needs of conflict-affected and other vulnerable populations.


  Interplast Germany
The organization provides plastic surgery free of charge in developing countries. The objective is to integrate the patients into society.


  Italian Association for solidarity Among People (AISPO)
It is involved in many projects to fight poverty, social injustice and the many diseases that affect the poorest people in the world. AISPO operates through:
  • developing activities, supporting with human and material resources several hospitals, health centres, dispensaries. Mobile clinics go trough the African savannas, the middle east deserts, the tropical forests, ascending rivers and lagoons which are means of sustenance but also causes of isolation and backwardness for the peoples who live there.
  • emergency actions, whenever there is the need to face the suffering of people hit by wars, by disasters due to the force of nature, by lethal epidemics.
  • training activities: a constant action in all our projects, to enrich poor countries at least of professional competences, fly-wheel for development.


  JHPIEGO Corporation
It was founded in 1974 to save the lives of women and families worldwide. It has been working in
  • Maternal, Newborn and Child Health
  • Family Planning and Reproductive Health
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Malaria Prevention and Treatment
  • Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Urban Health and Communities
  • Its work in Nepal dates back to the late 1980s.


  Karuna Foundation
It was founded in 2007. It focuses on prevention of childhood disabilities; community based rehabilitation of children with a disability, and improved health care by empowering communities. The running projects are Share & Care, Prevention & Rehabilitation, Training of Professionals and Lobby & advocacy.


  Kinderberg International
In Nepal, Kinderberg has started Burn center for comprehensive rehabilitation to offer women with severe burns accommodation and, temporarily, a new home. The burn victims receive intensive comprehensive long-term care aimed at their physical and psychological rehabilitation. They are also given the opportunity to attend school. Kinderberg also conduct Surgical camps and training and education to local medical staffs.


  Kuratiorium Tuberkusose in Der Welt E.V
It was founded in 1979 for helping tuberculosis victims. The objectives are
  • tuberculosis control in developing countries, where over 90% of TB patients live
  • education about prevention and control of tuberculosis through lectures and academic events.
  • technical and logistical advice to other organizations.
  • participation in major international health organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization) and IUATLD (International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease).