Educate the Children
It was established in 1990. Its model builds self-reliance in dalit and janajati communities by ensuring quality education for children and adults through programs that build awareness and foster sustainable improvements in standards of living. It has three approaches children's education, women's empowerment, and agricultural development.


  Enfants & Development
It was established in 1984 as "SOS Children of Cambodia". In Nepal, it does on protection of children of the streets of Kathmandu.


  Engender Health
It was founded in 1937. It has been working on improving the lives of men, women, and families through its work in family planning, maternal health, HIV and AIDS, gender equity, and many other programs. Since 1980s, it has been working in Nepal to strengthen family planning and maternal health services by supporting positive policy change, training health care professionals, and establishing systems for quality assurance.


  Equal Access International
It is working throughout communications for social change organization that combines the power of media with community mobilization, Equal Access creates customized communications strategies and outreach solutions that address the most critical challenges affecting people in the developing world such as women's & girls' empowerment, youth life skills & livelihoods, human rights, health and civic participation & governance. In Nepal, it was established in February 2004 for utilizing digital satellite broadcasting technology to bring vital development information direct to underserved communities in rural settings. Equal Access has continued to implement numerous 'communications for development' projects in Nepal, with programming on a range of thematic areas including education, healthcare, microfinance, sustainable agriculture, human rights and conflict management, HIV/AIDS and women’s empowerment. The projects are designed to reach the broadest possible audience in culturally appropriate and cost effective ways. The unique project methodology catalyzes local content production and distribution as a tool to extend the reach and impact of health, education and other development programs.


  FHI360 Nepal
In Nepal, FHI 360 is working to improve the lives of the country’s most at-risk populations in sustainable ways. It develops programs grounded in rigorous research, providing solutions to the country’s human development challenges.


  Fida International Nepal
It is a Finnish Development Cooperation Organization. The program called Water and Sanitation Project (WASH) is running to decrease the incidence of intestinal deceases caused by poor water- and sanitation situation in rural communities in working area VDCs in Kailali District, Far West, Nepal.


  Filters for Families
It is an organization to help alleviate the problem of arsenic poisoning in Nepal. It works with local villages to build water filters and educate them.