American Himalayan Foundation
It was found to respond problems environmental degradation, disappearing of traditional ways of life, health and education in Himalaya region of Nepal and Tibet.


  Amici dei Bambini
It has been working to support children living in institutions all over the world and to fight against the abandonment emergency. The mission is to give every abandoned child a family, and to guarantee that child's right of having parents. There are four types action tackled by this organization
  • International adoptions: When abandoned children cannot be reintegrated in their families of origin, and when national adoption is impossible, the last chance they have of being welcomed in a family in a permanent way is international adoption.
  • Foster care: Foster care is a form of temporary care which allows children to continue living a family relationship while they wait for a family that shall be their family forever.
  • International co-operation: To guarantee the right of abandoned children to live in a family in their country of origin, it promotes projects with local NGOs, and institutions.
  • The culture of nurturing: In order to raise awareness and inform public opinion on the abandoned child, the organization promotes events, research, studies, meetings and publications.


  Association of Medical Doctors of Asia
It was established in 1989 as a chapter of AMDA-international to promote the health and well-being of then underprivileged and marginalized people under the slogan "Better quality of life for better future". The specific objectives of AMDA-Nepal are as follows:
  • Initiate, promote and strengthen the country’s health services through national and international cooperation with principles of political non-alignment, equality and non-discrimination.
  • Facilitates medical doctors to enrich their professional expertise through mutual exchange of experience, research findings and standardization of services among themselves.
  • Establish coordination and functional relationship with other relevant national and international organizations, agencies or governments in carrying out its mission.
  • Accord priority to serve the communities that are more needy and/or are in immediate distress.


  Associatione Voluntari Senza Frontier
It is a group of volunteers to participate effectively in the implementation of activities that would promote development in the poorest country. In Nepal, it started its work since 2003. The objectives
  • Promote access to education for children from socio-economically disadvantaged
  • Fighting discrimination at school
  • Improving the conditions of educational services in the territories of the beneficiaries
  • facilitate young people's access to the labor market


  AV Foundation
It is founded to increase the quality of education in the communities in 2008. The focus is on educational infrastructure such as the building and refurbishing of classrooms, libraries, dormitory blocks, washrooms and water tanks.


  AWO International
It is German Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1998 for humanitarian aid and development cooperation. AWO International is committed to work towards the betterment of socially and economically marginalized sections of society such as women, children, youth, the rural population, ethnic minorities and indigenous people, refugees and displaced people. On November 6, 2009, AWO International celebrated the Opening of its Country Office in Nepal. The target groups of AWO International's Nepal programme therefore include economically, socially and politically marginalized groups in rural Nepal as well as staff members of the partner organizations and members and decision makers of grassroots organizations. Furthermore, special emphasis is given to the promotion of women and youth and to the reduction of forced and uninformed migration. An additional challenge in Nepal is to establish and run development activities in a conflict sensitive manner supportive of the peace process. To do so, traditional development approaches like income generation and employment creation are being combined with instruments of peace building and promotion of human rights.