Open Learning Exchange Nepal (OLE Nepal)
The organization is dedicated to enhancing teaching-learning in schools through integration of technology and to promote uniform access to quality educational materials across different geographic areas and socio-economic strata. It develops and develops free educational content, trains teachers to integrate technology in classrooms, implements technology interventions in rural schools and helps build local capacity in technology and education. E-pustakalaya ( and E-path ( two most useful resources which are developed by OLE Nepal. OLE Nepal has constantly sought to utilize best possible technology solution to successfully implement ICT-based education in under-resourced rural schools.


  Sancharika Samuha
It is a Forum of women communicators established after the Beijing conference in April 1996 with the objective of promoting a healthier and gender sensitive media. T he mission of the establishment of “Sancharika” is to enhance the capacity of print and electronic media for promoting gender equality and equity based development in Nepal. It also advocates for equality through research and media campaigns. The campaigns and advocacy programs have direct impact on Women. Sancharika Samuha has its main objective to design programs which aims at building capacity of women in the Journalism sector. The other objectives are as follows:
  • To create gender equal society by enhancing the capacity of media for promoting equity and equality based development.
  • To enhance representation of female journalists in the Nepalese media and strengthen the capacity of female journalists through the improvement of their professional skills and their access to the Nepalese media.
  • To ensure press freedom


  Social Educational Environmental Development Services
It was founded in 1998. It helps people by improving their health and welfare with the support of grassroots projects that involve community partnerships in the area of education, water, health services, and the environment. It also develops solutions that are economically feasible, sustainable, and sensitive to cultural concerns.


  South Asia Partnership International-Nepal
It facilitates solidarity between other community based organizations and issue based networks within South Asia. It has always promoted building the capacity of those working at the grassroots level for poverty alleviation. Though the official role of a national NGO came in 1994, it has already started its approach since 1985. It firmly believes that as a national organization it can contribute more directly to the pursuit of developing human potential. Its aim is to tap such human resources and create opportunities for the marginalized to reach decision-making levels.