Nepal Community Development Foundation
It is a registered charity that supports development projects in eastern Nepal since 1989. It has helped bring water, education, health, and hope to thousands of people in rural Nepal.


  Nepal Forum of Environmental journalists (NEFEJ)
To promote environment journalism, it was founded on June 1, 1986. Since then it has been providing the forum to debate, study, influence public policy, and raising awareness for conservation and sustainable development. NEFEJ has continuously been working in the environment conservation, awareness generation, and sustainable development. There are several instances of achievement of success in these fields. It has played an important role in creating environment for formulation and amendment of the environmental laws and rights. Furthermore, it has also been successful in advocating for the proper management of solid waste generated in the capital. NEFEJ has been carrying out its activities through its four (4) major departments: Radio Sagarmatha, Community Radio Support Center (CRSC), Media Training Center (MTC), and Audio-Visual Department. "Aankhijhyal” is one of the biggest successes ever achieved by NEFEJ and provide the technical support of documentary and producing documentary.


  Nepal Participatory Action Network (NEPAN)
It was formed in 1995. NEPAN envisages a situation in Nepal where the poor and underprivileged people become the main focus for sustained, equitable and humanistic development. It promotes and facilitates participatory development approaches for the empowerment of the people through research, advocacy, lobbying and capacity building activities. The major activities are as follows:
  • Supports and complements its members' efforts in participatory development by organizing symposia, conferences, workshops, and meetings to promote and advocate principles and share experiences of participatory action.
  • Organizes training programmes and workshops to develop the skills and knowledge needed to ensure the participation of people in their own development.
  • Undertakes methodological research with the aim of making advances in the understanding and practice of participatory approaches.
  • Regularly publishes and disseminates news, views, and experiences related to participatory action and development.
  • Provides advice and necessary support in order to facilitate the participatory development.
  • Networks and cooperates with similar institutions and networks, both in Nepal and internationally.


  Nepal School Projects
It was founded in 1975. The objective is to raise and allocate funds for development projects in rural Nepal. The emphasis must be on "grass-roots" projects that clearly benefit the needy and underprivileged people.


  Nepal Wireless Project
It provides Internet access, electronic commerce, education, telemedicine and other services to a number of remote villages in Nepal, using wireless technologies. In 1996, Mahabir Pun started using the school's Web site to attract volunteers and collect materials for the school. In 2002, Wi-Fi-based wireless connectivity was established between Nangi and a neighbouring village, Ramche. After five years, the team succeeded in connecting Nangi to Pokhara, the closest city with Internet access