Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC)
INSEC has been ardently involved in protection and promotion of Human Rights for more than one and a half decade. It was founded in 1998. The objective is the objective of protecting the rights of people engaged in informal sectors.


  Institute of Human Rights Communication (IHRICON)
The mission is to achieve a country where people are more empowered through advocacy and education. It has been at the forefront of attempting to improve the rights of women and children. The goal is to spread the message that non-violence, tolerance, respect for human rights, media for peace and democracy, and development are interlinked and mutually reinforcing.


  Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP)
It was established in 1992. The mission is to ensure the future ecological and cultural prosperity of Nepal and its people by maximizing the benefits and reducing the negative impacts associated with tourism. Objectives
  • Promote sustainable tourism and provide environmental and cultural education to travelers and the tourism industry through free, impartial information and training programmes
  • Enable sustainable development through outreach projects, training and resources in order to seek a more equitable distribution of the economic benefits of tourism for the people of Nepal
  • Conduct research and development activities on environmental and associated social issues


  Language Technology Kendra (LTK)
It is a collaboration between three organizations – Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya(MPP), Tribhuvan University (TU), Central Department of Linguistics(CDL) and Kathmandu University(KU), Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DoCSE). The three organizations have been working together in several Language Technology Projects since 2004. PAN Localization Project, Bhasha Sanchar Project, Machine Translation Project, Dobhase, SAMBAD were the major projects which help to use Nepali language in Information and Communication Technology.


  Legal Aid and Consultancy Centre (LACC)
It was registered in 1998 to promote women’s human rights. Its aim is to promote easy access to justice to the poor marginalized women who suffer injustice and oppression in the society by providing free legal aid and counseling. The mission is access to justice and a non-discriminatory, equitable society for women and children through legal aid, lobbying, advocacy, capacity development, awareness raising and empowerment.