It is foundation for all cooperation in Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan for pursing ecological, economic, social and cultural objectives which are implemented together with local population through regional development projects. The big tasks are combating poverty and protecting biodiversity in order to ensure sensible co-existence of mankind and nature in long term. Preserving endangered ecosystems and time cultivating are another challenging tasks. So, the mission is providing people in the Himalayans with better life conditions on a long-term basis and supporting them in taking the development of their region into their own hands


  Enabling State Programme(ESP)-Nepal
It was launched in January 2001 to improve the living standards. The mission is to achieve pro-poor governance in Nepal through the involvement of Nepali stakeholders. The overall objective is to create an enabling environment for democratic and inclusive governance. The specific objectives are
  1. to develop a better understanding of governance problems and identify solutions
  2. to promote innovative change initiatives towards pro-poor governance
  3. to identify, encourage, and support reformers in key governance areas.
The programme’s activities are guided by the Nepalese government’s national policies and programmes as set forth in its periodic plans.


  Health Net Nepal
It serves the Nepalese health community by providing affordable Internet service, access to health information, and technical support for several regional information-sharing initiatives. It was established in 1998. It is responsible for introducing many health organizations throughout Nepal to the power of information and communication technology, particularly electronic mail, as a low cost communication medium and a tool for accessing information from various sources such as MEDLINE, discussion groups, and news groups. Objectives are
  • To overcome the isolation of health professionals by creating a network of people and organizations linked by appropriate, simple and inexpensive communication technology.
  • To provide access to national and international health related literature.
  • To be a provider of health information in a digested form.
  • To be a 'matchmaker' i.e. connectivity broker between health care workers and sources of health information.
  • To update current knowledge regarding the health care system and research through distance education and appropriate communication technology.


  Himal Association a Kathmandu Valley
It began in 1987 and is working consistently in the fields of journalism, communications, publishing, education, film festivals, and other related activities. Its primary focus has been to make Nepal a more intellectual, a more knowledgeable society, conscious of various local, national and international issues that surround it through a variety of activities that help to enhance cultural understanding amongst scholars and general public alike.


  IHNURED International
It is the organization to uphold the human rights. The primary focus of the organization is to advocate on behalf of vulnerable population such as women, children, indigenous people, dalit and other marginalized section of the society. Similarly, protection of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) is one of the key areas concern.